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CodeBench Toolbar

Toolbar Buttons

The first component of CodeBench you will use is the Main Toolbar, and from here you can load or save files and projects, as well as build and debug your programs. Below is a rundown on each button and its use:

  • Create a new empty file and open it in the editor.

  • Load a file from disk and open it in the editor.

  • Save a modified file back to disk.


  • Create a new project ready to add files to.

  • Load a previously created project from disk.

  • Save the current project to disk.


  • Build the project depending on type.

  • Run the finished program after building.

  • Debug the finished program via a debugger.

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Toolbar Overview

The Close gadget of the toolbar serves to quit the program, and a confirmation requester will be issued prior to exiting. This requester can be suppressed by setting the appropriate preferences setting.

You will also be notified if are there are any unsaved projects before exiting, and you will be given the chance to save them.

As with all of the interface components, the main toolbar features "Help Hints" which are accessed by hovering the mouse pointer over the gadget of interest. The hints are short texts associated with each gadget describing what the gadget is used for. This will give you a very brief description of the gadgets purpose, and you may disable these if required, again in the preferences editor.

As part of the context aware functionality of the interface, you can load projects by simply dropping a project icon onto the toolbar window. You may also double-click a project icon to start CodeBench with the project loaded automatically. Of course, you can always use the button or menu item to load a project too.

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Toolbar Search function

The search system runs in different ways depending on which window it was launched from, and the main toolbar will tell the search system to search the entire project for your required criteria. More information about all the functions of the search system can be found here.

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