Clip Manager Quick Reference

Clipman Window

The Clip Manager monitors the clipboard, and detects whenever a text section is transferred to it. As each clip is transferred, a copy of it is shown in the managers list, with the most recent item at the top. The item shown in green is the current contents of the clipboard, and it may be pasted into the text by simply using the "Paste" menu or keyboard shortcut.




Clipboard Unit usage

The Clip manager works by default with unit 0 (the primary clipboard unit), so you can copy text from different applications which use the same clipboard unit, and it will appear in the Clip Manager highlighted in green (as the current clipboard contents). You can also change the clipboard unit if you want to keep the list of clips private from other applications from the preferences.

As with any paste operation, it is always done at the current cursor position. To paste an earlier text clip, place the cursor in the text file where you require it (you can optionally highlight a block of text that will be replaced) and double click the clip in the managers list and it will be pasted into position replacing any highlighted block.


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Clip Manager Buttons

Another handy feature is the "To Clipboard" feature. Selecting any list item (apart from the top one) and clicking this button will place the selected clip back into the clipboard again. This makes it easier to paste older clips or even to share previous clips with external applications.

As you can imagine, a list of previous clips can get rather long and difficult to find what you need. In order to try and keep the list more manageable, you can select an item in the list, and then use the "Remove" button. This will permanently remove that clip from the list, so think carefully about what you are going to remove.

In addition, the "Remove All" button will empty the list apart from the top entry, which is currently stored in the clipboard. Again, this operation is permanent and cannot be undone, so beware.


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Clip Manager Search function

The search system runs in different ways depending on which window it was launched from, and the Clip Manager window will tell the search system to search the current for your required criteria. More information about all the functions of the search system can be found here.

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