CodeBench is copyright © Simon Archer 2019


Programming and concept

CodeBench and associated plugins - Simon Archer 2006-2019

RichEditor.gadget - Copyright © Pete Gordon 2007-2019

RichEditor.gadget (enhancements etc) - Simon Archer 2007-2019

The "Quick-Link" term is Copyright © Simon Archer 2006-2019



Martin "Mason" Merz for his AISS system which is used extensively throughout, and for the main program and default project icons.

Kenneth Lester Jnr for his great initial concept work on the main toolbar images

Consequential images and derivatives are copyright Simon Archer. (Some images may be based on royalty-free images, and copyrights of such images are recognized and respected.)


Special thanks

A special thanks and credit must go to Pete Gordon and his exceptional initial work on richeditor.gadget, and his willingness to allow its inclusion in CodeBench. Many thanks Pete, we'd still be stuck without modern editor features otherwise!

A big thanks to Torgeir Vee of Ferule Media, Norway for the donation of Hollywood 4 which allowed the creation of the HollyWood plugin.

As future versions of the Community Client will utilise "smileys", a big thanks to NOUVEL Hugues (HunoPPC) for his excellent smiley graphics package, and for allowing us to distribute it with the Community Client.



Andy Broad
Björn Hagström
Costel Mincea
Hans de Ruiter
Jamie Kruger
Max Tretene
Paul J. Sadlik
Pete Gordon
Richard Lake
Stephen Fellner

All those unsung heroes that reported problems in the public beta versions.

Many thanks for the suggestions and help guys, it's appreciated!

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