The following limited demonstration versions of CodeBench require AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1 as a minimum base system (Final Edition Update 1 is highly recommended). You cannot use this software on prior versions of the operating system. While we apologise for this inconvenience, this has become necessary due to changes in various parts of AmigaOS 4 that are required for correct operation.

The following archives are complete (apart from their underlying development systems), and are synchronized at CodeBench version 0.55. You can read more about each version below.


Version Licence Type
AmigaOS4SDK Version Free Licence Download
Hollywood 4 Version Free Licence Download



AmigaOS4 SDK Package

The latest AmigaOS 4 SDK is required for this version. It can be downloaded here.

The AmigaOS4SDK version allows you to start creating C/C++ programs straight away with the minimum of configuration. The project defaults supplied with this version have been chosen to allow you to starting working without reading manuals and spending precious time getting things working. Install the SDK, install CodeBench, and be creative!

The automatic creation of makefiles, and reasonable defaults for compiler settings are all included to save you worrying about building your project, this gives you more time to concentrate on creating your masterpiece without worrying about cryptic command lines and scripting.

Just a couple of clicks to build and run your program!


This version requires Hollywood version 4+. More information about Hollywood and its capabilities can be found here.

Users of Hollywood4 can now also use CodeBench to manage their projects with this free-licence version especially created just for Hollywood4. As with the other versions, this version supplies project defaults which allow you to start creating programs with the minimum of fuss. Simply install Hollywood4, install CodeBench and get cracking!.

One step compiling and running makes using CodeBench simplistic, and way more productive for your HollyWood applications. Everything is only a click away!

Hollywood Package


These "Free-Licence" versions are supplied to you free of charge, but they do contain some limited functionality, and it can only be used with their respective plugins. Other project types are not possible with these versions. You can read more about the limitations of these versions here.


Thanks for trying out CodeBench - we hope you enjoy it.

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