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AmiUpdate V2.49 released.
AmiUpdate V2.48 released.
AmiUpdate V2.47 released.
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AmiUpdate V2.45 released.
AmiUpdate V2.44 released.
AmiUpdate V2.43 released.
AmiUpdate V2.42 released.
AmiUpdate V2.41 released.
AmiUpdate V2.39 released.

A complete description of the software and how it is used can be found in the "Description" section, but here is a quick overview of the features.

A number of features to allow ease of install with compatible applications:

    Automatically downloads archive and unpacks it (will decrypt it if PGP armoured)
    Can automatically install the application if autoinstall script is available
    Can track the applications home directory (if application supplies compatibilty code)
    Supports localised catalog files

Updates can be accessed in a number of ways:

    Download updates from HTTP servers
    Download updates from HTTP realms (password protected web areas)
    Download updates from an anonymous FTP server
    Download updates from a closed FTP server (prompts for password)
    Updates can be located on a server in any location

Can "Undo" an installation:

    Using Rollback, the previous version of an installed application is installed (if CopyStore was used to install)

Manage certain update conditions:

    Allows mapping a files location to another (for moved files)
    Allows ignoring of updates

Preferences editor for easy settings changes

    Automatic installations can be turned off
    Can work in hidden mode
    Various working directories can be user defined
    Extensive logging can be enabled

Interactive Web Site

    Developers can register for an account, allowing them to be able to modify their own database entries
    Database administration can be done via the website

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